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Specialized App - SEACOAST E-BIKES

All New Specialized App

Specialized launched a new application with advanced performance tracking, seamless partner app integration, and Turbo e-bike management.

We invite you to download and connect your e-bike to the Specialized App. The Mission Control app will be discontinued at the end of January 2024. All new features will only be available on the Specialized app.

Download the Specialized App on your Apple or Android device.

Recording your rides with the Specialized app gives you all the data and motivation you need to make every ride count. Get started and see why the Specialized app is your ultimate riding partner.

Designed to empower all riders, the Specialized app revolutionizes your cycling experience with innovative features and an intuitive user experience. Here are some key highlights of the app:
Advanced Ride Recording and Performance Tracking: Riders can track and analyze their rides with greater precision and detail, having access to the most comprehensive ride stats and interactive maps and graphs. Turbo riders will also see Turbo-specific metrics only available in the Specialized app, such as a breakdown of assistance during the ride, battery usage over time, and average motor power.
Turbo E-Bike Management: The redesigned Tune function allows riders to fine-tune their bike’s power delivery and output for a fully customized ride experience. The all-new Turbo System Auto-Lock gives Turbo riders with a MasterMind display the ability to lock and unlock their bikes hands-free.
Enhanced Connectivity: Seamless integration with popular health and fitness apps, including Apple Health, Garmin, Wahoo, and Strava, enables riders to synchronize their data across platforms effortlessly and supports their active lifestyle.
Intuitive User Interface: The enhanced user interface simplifies navigation, making it easier for riders to access critical information and control their Specialized bike.

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The product experts answer your Frequently Asked Questions about the new Specialized Application.

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