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Thank you to all our customers!

We enjoy meeting you, assisting you in finding the perfect e-bike, servicing your ride, and reading your kind notes and your social media comments.
Thank you for trusting our knowledge and expertise, and (often) sharing our passion for electric bikes.
We promise we won't tell your husband/wife/partner/sister/mother/friend you are thinking about getting another bike!

-The Team at Seacoast E-Bikes

April 2023 - From Deb & Dave H.

"Previously having a Class 1 Ebike (Trek), this Riese Muller Homage, Class 3 was a big step up for Deb. The older we get, the more eboost we need for the hills, (going uphill), so we appreciate having the dual battery option.  I would highly recommend the dual battery option for anyone who wants to keep active as they age (we are both 65 years old) and consider a Century/100 mile per day ride range, or those who ride pulling kids or gear in a trailer.  On hilly terrain, in Turbo boost, the dual batteries may get you 60-85 miles maximum.  In Eco boost I’m guessing 125 miles easy.  Single battery e-bikes (we have 2)  may get you 35 miles if riding mostly on Turbo boost, and 65 miles on Eco boost.  So the dual battery option greatly extends your riding range, and lets you keep up with younger riders by using the Sport and Turbo boost more. 

A few years ago, Deb wasn’t sure about e-bikes, so she initially opted for a Class 1 ebike.  She, and all our adult kids, really loved her Class 1 bike. Problem was, these riders could not keep up with the Class 3 riding partners.  Furthermore, when  pulling a Burley or Thule kid cart, your battery life range drops dramatically.

So we bought Deb the Riese Muller Homage, Class 3.  She says she feels more secure on the Riese Muller bike and loves the full suspension and belt drive.  She maxed out at 32.6 mph (downhill of course).

My advice to all future ebikers, “You’ll love ebiking, so don’t buy cheap.  Buy the best ebike you can afford!  Every ebike ride is a happy, happy, happy day.” 

The Seacoast Ebike team of Steve, Anne, Shane and team are e-bikes experts.  I own 3 other e-bikes, all purchased new in 3 different states, from three different dealers. I bought my fourth ebike from Seacoast because they had exactly the model we wanted in stock, they had the best price, and NO SALES TAX in New Hampshire. (Which is a big advantage on a $10,000 ebike).  

With eight adult children, and 20 grand children, I anticipate we will be buying more ebikes for our family members in subsequent years. I don’t have any intentions of shopping around after dealing with Steve and Anne. They have the best selection, the best price, super service department, and are very accommodating for out-of-state buyers.

In comparing their delivery, set up, and accommodating service, my buying experience was absolutely the best.  The other dealers were all satisfactory but Seacoast exceeded ALL our expectations!  Save yourself a lot of effort, call Steve’s Team at Seacoast Ebikes and start having happy, happy, happy days!"