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Addmotor is an electric bike manufacturer now exclusively sold at Seacoast E-Bikes. Founded in 2011, Addmotor began with one goal in mind: making the highest-quality electric bicycles accessible for everyone. The company has spent years perfecting, tweaking and designing their electric bikes to suit the diverse needs and lives of their customers. Along the way, they have gained a passionate, adventurous and loyal community of riders.

AddMotor TRIKETAN M-330 MINI E-trike
Incoming! Delivery available call for details....
AddMotor Addmotor Bike Rear Rack Backpack Bag
Bike carrier backpack bag for outdoor sports. Fit for All Addmotor electric...
AddMotor GRANDTAN PLUS Etrike 2023- One Size-Starry Blue
$3,149.00 $3,899.00 19% Savings
Perfect Companion For Outdoor Adventure with its sturdy-built frame and ext...
AddMotor GRANDTAN CITY Etrike Pearl White M340
$3,149.00 $3,899.00 19% Savings
Grandtan City electric tricycle is compatible with our latest EB 2.0 electr...


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Addmotor answers your frequently asked questions about their electric bikes, including care and maintenance.

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