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Specialized Globe Haul ST 

More Power. More Cargo. More Everything. 

child on back seat of long tail cargo bike and adult pedaling

Aventon Abound

NEW! Available for test rides and purchase at Seacoast EBikes

electric cargo bike with front bucket outside the store

Urban Arrow Family

Families are saving money by replacing their second car with an electric cargo bike.

E-bike stored vertically in an apartment

Yuba FastRack

Electric cargo bike + small storage space? The Yuba FastRack is for YOU!

Load cargo e-bike in the street

Riese & Muller Load

E-bikes are more affordable than cars. More sustainable too.

Yuba logo orange

Urban Arrow logo

logo with an outlet looking like a smiley sticking its tongue out

Riese & Muller logo

logo for brand AVENTON

e-cargo bike

e-cargo bike


Cargo bikes originated in The Netherlands in the early 20 century, and were used by tradesmen to deliver milk, bread, and other goods in the absence of the automobile. By the 1930s, the phenomenon had spread across Scandinavia.

...and Now

Today, a wide variety of cargo e-bikes are available in the North American market, with different battery range, load capacity and cargo box volume, and each variety has its own purpose. These e-bikes are capable to transport 110–500 pounds of cargo, and have a battery range of up to 30-50 miles.

Cargo e-bikes can be used for commercial deliveries, commuting, shopping, leisure activities or transporting children. (sources)