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From City Streets to Scenic Routes: Choose Your Adventure

"Blaupunkt e-bikes North America" was launched in March of 2022. 

Over 3.5 years of dedicated German engineering and rigorous testing earned these e-bikes the coveted “Blue Dot” seal of excellence. 

All of Blaupunkt's e-bikes are foldable, lightweight, with magnesium frame construction, high quality batteries, and a 350w brushless motor

Blaupunkt Blaupunkt Foldable eBike - Hydro Disc Brakes Silver
HENRI 500 20 inch e-folding bike at the highest level. Extremely stable m...


Review Blaupunkt's warranty terms.

User Guide

Blaupunkt answers your frequently asked questions about their electric bikes, including care and maintenance.

Need Help?

If something is not right with your Blaupunkt e-bike, get help from a technician.