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Aventon’s mission is to empower everyone to ride bikes regardless of their age or ability. They are passionate about bikes because they believe that bikes change lives through the freedom of mobility. Aventon is fully committed to building the best-value bikes in the industry that are fun to ride without compromising quality, durability, and comfort. Join Aventon on their journey to innovate and create bikes that are accessible and affordable to more people. #JoinTheMovement

Aventon Pace 500
The Pace 500 ebike provides the rider with ultimate balance of comfort and ...
Aventon Pace 350.2
The Next-Gen Pace 350 Step-Through, has set the ebike bar high, offering ri...
Aventon Pace 500 Step through
Step-through and have fun! The Pace 500 Step-Through takes our most popular...
Aventon Abound
$1,749.00 $1,949.00 10% Savings
Haul it all with the Abound, Aventon’s first ever cargo ebike! Its versatil...
Aventon Aventure Step-through Ebike
Our most powerful, most versatile ebike just became more accessible! With t...
Aventon Pace 350 Step-Through Next Gen
The Next-Gen Pace 350 Step-Through, has set the ebike bar high, offering ri...
Aventon Pace 500.3 Step-Through
$1,549.00 $1,749.00 11% Savings
Reinvigorate the casual bike ride with Pace 500.3! Feel your efforts amplif...
Aventon Ramblas
$2,549.00 $2,849.00 11% Savings
Carve out the uncommon route with Ramblas, Aventon’s first-ever electric mo...
Aventon Soltera .2
$1,149.00 $1,549.00 26% Savings
Soltera.2 Ebike Engineered for next-level agility and urban style. TECH...

How to Assemble Accessories on your Abound

How to Clean & Lube the Chain


Register your bike, and find out all the benefits and perks of becoming a registered Aventon rider.


Aventon answers your frequently asked questions about their electric bikes, including care and maintenance.

Need Help?

If something is not right with your your Addmotor e-bike, get help from a technician.