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top photo is one woman on trike and bottom photo is man and woman on electric trikes in a park

Welcome to Seacoast E-Bikes’ Addmotor Page

STARTING MARCH 2023!!! Seacoast E-Bikes carries high quality E-trikes.

Founded in 2011, Addmotor began with one goal in mind: making the highest-quality electric bicycles accessible for everyone. The company has spent years perfecting, tweaking and designing their electric bikes to suit the diverse needs and lives of their customers. Along the way, they have gained a passionate, adventurous and loyal community of riders.

Please give us a call at 1-603-294-0370 if you would like to know more about the Addmotor electric trikes in stock. Our price includes professional assembly and a free check up after 3 months/300  miles.


 CALL US AT 603.294.0370 FOR TEST RIDES.

Addmotor's three-wheel electric bikes are great options for adults and seniors who want to ride a vehicle with lots of storage, comfort, and stability, get around town or explore the outdoors.

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two pictures of a white electric trike on the street

Addmotor this spring

Load Up the Upcoming Spring on Your Grandtan Electric Tricycle!

Addmotor E-Trikes

Footrest wood board, step through frame, adjustable backrest and multi-functional taillight all make this Grandtan electric trike a more comfortable ride.

Have questions about which E-bike is best for you? 

Our highly trained and incredibly attentive staff is here and ready to guide you and make sure you select the right brand, model, and size E-bike to suit your riding style. Whether you prefer to shop here on our website or visit our store, we’re here to help you. We also offer financing options for e-bike purchase, visit our Synchrony page for more info.

Learn more about what makes us unique, and visit us today to meet our friendly staff and experience our incredible product selection. 

And as always… RIDE SAFE!!