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Mini Pumps

Aventon Aventon Fanttik Portable Air Pump
$129.99 $149.99 13% Off
Compact and portable The minimalistic design of the X8 Apex is lightweight, cordless, and just under 8 inches tall. It truly is the ideal tool to have when you’re in a jam. Rechargeable Battery The X8 Apex Inflator has a powerful battery that can be recharged giving you up to 40 minutes of continuous operating power. Multi-Purpose Inflator Not only is the X8 Apex great for bike tires but it works on car tires, motorcycle tires, and sports balls. Also comes with other critical tools such as an LED light and a USB charger. Interchangeable Adapters The interchangeable adapters of the X8 Apex allow you to inflate multiple types of nozzles making this an incredibly versatile pump.
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