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The Turbo Tero X means one thing: you’re going to need a bigger map. With ride anywhere range, this full-suspension electric bike is our go-anywhere, over anything, with everything vehicle.

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Naturally Engaged

At the heart of the Tero X is our Turbo Operating System. An intelligent, advanced e-bike operating system that seamlessly integrates our fully custom, purpose-built software and hardware so you can avoid range anxiety and ride farther than ever before. This melding of advanced technology with human effort delivers an enriched experience beyond simple battery/motor thinking. It’s you, only faster.

Ready For Any Direction

Easy to reach and centrally located on the handlebar, the MasterMind Display is a fully customizable screen that reveals all the relevant info about your ride while allowing real-time tuning of e-assist power levels on the fly from the handlebar. Not only that, but the built-in range estimator gives you the power to maximize your range and ride time. In addition, the MasterMind Display integrates with the Mission Control app to enable over-the-air updates with integrated range optimization tools, advanced tuning, and on-ride diagnostics.

Nature's Always Been Metal, We've Just Caught Up

The Specialized Full Power 2.2 motor incorporated into the aluminum frame of the Tero X effectively quadruples your power, cranking out ample wattage to make short work of the steepest climbs. It provides the extra muscle you need to carry your preferred trekking gear, weekend snacks, and the comforts of home without breaking a sweat. But what sets this motor apart from the rest is how it efficiently and seamlessly melds with your efforts. Uptake is silky smooth, and the Tero X finds traction in situations where other bikes would be slipping and spinning out. Nothing else feels this natural.

Ride Anywhere and Don’t Worry About It

With up to six hours of assisted ride time, the Tero X makes your biggest days feel more effortless than ever, and its easily swappable batteries mean quick pit stops keep you rolling. Rest secured with our Turbo System Lock—a feature designed to make bike thieves miserable. Engaged through the easy-to-use Mission Control app, the Turbo System Lock effectively disables your bike’s motor while activating a motion sensor alarm.

Tame the Terrain

With 130mm of front and 120mm of rear pothole-eating, bump-smoothing, rock flattening suspension, you can bet the Tero X is all about smooth travel. The elegant and simplified single-pivot rear suspension system eliminates complexity while boosting performance during seated riding and while carrying a load.

Full Control With Maximum Comfort

With nearly 50 years of experience and rider feedback, Specialized designed the Tero X to put riders in a more upright riding position — helping to reduce fatigue and making pedaling more efficient while providing a more confident perspective down the trail. Raise or lower your seat by pushing the button with the dropper seatpost to help you get low and in control during the rocky parts, making it easier to get a foot down when coming to a stop.

Outfitted with world-renowned Ground Control tires for unsurpassed traction and optimized wheel sizes for maximum control and stability, the Tero X is as surefooted as a mountain goat.

Everything Is Illuminated

Equipped with up to 1,000 lumens of headlight power and an available speed-sensitive rear light that increases brightness from 11 to 22 lumens when deceleration is detected, you can ride with confidence, knowing you can see and be seen.

Take It With You

The integrated rear rack safely carries up to 20kg of whatever your adventure requires, plus ample amounts of mud. And the available front rack provides up to 10kg of additional on-bike storage. To carry it all, Specialized thoughtfully crafted performance-minded baskets and panniers like the Coolcave. Need more room? Tow a trailer to take it all with you.


Ride Dirty, Show Up Clean

With full-coverage front and rear DryTech fenders, dirt, mud, and soil will stay where it belongs. Combine that with an incredible selection of rider-designed gear and accessories, Specialized has you covered. All you need is a bigger map.