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Electric Bikes Are For Everyone

We have e-bikes in stock for any style of riding. Explore Seacoast E-Bikes' electric bike guide to find the right model for you, and get ready to have more fun than ever! Need more advice? Text/call 603 294 0370 or stop by the store in Tax Free New Hampshire for expert tips on e-bikes.

Electric Cruiser Bikes

Have it all on an electric cruiser bike: power and performance, meet a leisurely ride. Easy handling with a sporty flair make electric cruiser bikes the best of every world. Add a boost to your daily commute, or attach a basket to give running errands some oomph. Going fast isn’t everything, but on an e-cruiser bike, you can zip down the streets without sacrificing your comfort.

Best E-Cruiser Accessories

$2,999.99 - $3,249.99
$3,249.99 - $3,999.99
$4,249.99 - $4,250.00
$2,499.99 - $2,999.99
$3,249.99 - $3,250.00
$3,249.99 - $3,999.99

Electric Cargo Bikes

While any e-bike is incredibly versatile, electric cargo bikes take it a step further. Added storage capacity and hauling ability mean you can take pretty much anything with you - groceries, extra gear, and even additional passengers. E-bike enthusiasts looking to shift away from automobiles will find that e-cargo bikes are an easier transition away from cars.

Electric Commuter Bikes

Ride an electric commuter bike and leave your car behind. Breeze past traffic and enjoy the wind in your hair on a stress-free commute. Add some panniers to your ride so you can carry everything you need with ease. No need to reserve a parking spot - roll up to the door barely breaking a sweat while saving on gas.

Best E-Commuter Accessories

Electric Road Bikes

Explore new horizons on an electric road bike. E-road bikes are the best way to cover more distance while also keeping pace with cars when you’re cruising the streets. The boost of additional power means more mileage and more fun.

Best E-Road Accessories

Electric Mountain Bikes

Put the grind of pedaling up slopes in your rear view - electric mountain bikes are the perfect way to make the climb more enjoyable. Ascend hills that were once insurmountable. Enjoy longer rides. Speed through flats. High-capacity batteries mean the possibilities are endless with electric mountain bikes.

Best E-MTB Accessories

Electric Fitness Bikes

Who ever said you can’t get a good workout on an electric bike? E-fitness bikes let you spend more time in the saddle so you can pedal even longer. Though hills aren’t quite as daunting on an e-bike, pedal assist technology means you're still getting great exercise. Electric fitness bikes are the perfect balance of breaking a sweat while enjoying a little extra power. 

Best E-Fitness Accessories

Don’t Forget Your Car Rack!

Not all car racks are made equal. Regular hitch, trunk, and roof-mount racks are designed for analog bikes and don’t always accommodate electric bikes. Take your adventure further afield with a car rack made specifically for electric bikes.